Email Management

When memba creates a new membership or a new user, emails can be sent on based on that from the local server. To enable emails to be sent out from the server when memba is installed you need to first enable it.


  1. Navigate to “Email Mangement” under “Membership Control’ and click on “Toggle to enable” toggle button. This will enable the emails to be sent from local server.
  2. Click on add Email to add a new email
  3. Choose “On new user Creation” to send an email when a new user is created on the memba installed WordPress system.
  4. Choose “On new product purchase” to send an email when a new membership is being bought by a user.
  5. You get an additional option to pick a product if your choice was “On new product purchase”
  6. You can create the email and can use the template tags mentioned on the popup with enclosed double curly braces to make the appropriate fields dynamic.
  7. Finally clicking on the “Add” button will add the email and an email will be sent out based on what you set.