How to Add New Members Manually

To add a new member follow the steps.


  1. Users -> add new and insert the user information like username and email and click on add new user button. This will add a new user inisde the WordPress system.
  2. Click on memba -> members lits and click the add membership menu item on the top
  3. A popup appears and fill in the approriate informations like product title and under pick a user input type in the username of the newly created user.
  4. The product id should match the product id inside thrivecart, for thrivecart refunds and cancellation to work properly. If this membership has nothing to do with thrivecart then the product id doesn’t need to match.
  5. Select unlimited or limited from the duration section and pick the roles that will be assigned to the new user.
  6. Select “active” as the status and click on “Add membership”