Managing Redirections

Redirections are used to redirect users to a particular page after the member clicks on the login button after entering their WordPress credentials on a login page.


  1. Navigate to “Redirections” under “Members Control”
  2. Click on “Toggle to enable” toggle button
  3. Click on “Add Redirect” to add a new redirection
  4. Choose the redirect URL using it title ( Only one-page title can be selected here ) 
  5. Pick the roles that need to get redirected to, you can select multiple roles here. So if memba finds at least one role from these roles that have been assigned to the logged-in user then it redirects that user to the destined redirect page.
  6. Finally, click on “Add Redirection” to complete adding a new redirection.

Membership List on the main menu is used to view all the existing memberships on the system as well as used to create a new membership manually.