Adding ThriveCart Products

When a user purchases a membership using ThriveCart, memba can create new membership on the memba installed WordPress site. In order for everything to work flawlessly, certain things need to be done correctly.


  1. Navigate to “Member Levels” under Membership Control
  2. Click on Add Product button
  3. Enter a product title, It can be of your choice and doesn’t need to match exactly with the product title on ThriveCart BackOffice.
  4. Enter the product id which needs to match the exact product id inside thrivecart BackOffice
  5. Pick the roles that need to be assigned to the user who purchases the membership.
  6. Choose between “One-time payment” and “recurring Payment”
  7. If it’s a one-time payment and the membership is an “unlimited” membership then choose “unlimited” under “membership duration”. If it’s based on a  limited duration choose how long the membership is valid and the membership will get expired automatically when the period reaches which will revoke all the permissions from the expired member which is the roles.
  8. If it’s a recurring payment you need to choose recurring payment and if there is a trial then you can enable the “trial Option” and choose the trial period, the trial period has to match with the trial period set on ThriveCart for everything to work without any issues.
  9. After everything is done click on add product to add a new thrivecart package.