Condition based on visit count

Content can be hidden or shown based on the visit counts a user / visitor visits the currently viewing page. This does not require the user who is viewing the page to be  logged in to WordPress using their user credentials or through a social authentication method. Personify stores the page visits from a user inside the cookie on his computer. The subsequent visits are incremented based on the session expiry set by the server. This is usually 30 mins but may differ based on the server configuration.

That means the visit count stays the same until a session gets destroyed by the server, so when a new session is created and the user visits the page again the visit count gets incremented which makes sense since we don’t want the visit count to increase on just refreshing a page. 

You have 2 options to choose under Operator option “visits equal to” and “visits greater than” 

“Visits equal to” is a good candidate to set a condition for a new visitor so that you can set the value to 1 which means a visitor who is just visiting the page the first time.

“Visits greater than” is useful for situations where the user visits the page more than one time. This can be useful to retarget a user with special offers while visiting the sales page multiple times, so that you can lock in the user with great offers.