Condition based on custom fields

Content can be hidden or shown based on the custom fields which is related to the current user on the crm system ( ActiveCampaign / Drip ). This does not require the user who is viewing the page to be  logged in to WordPress using their user credentials or through a social authentication method but a cookie has to be present on the user’s computer which links the user to the crm system like ActiveCampaign or Drip. This can achieved by using the smark links option available inside personify which will be explained in a separate article.

Personify checks if the current user has a custom field with the value set inside the condition and displays / hides the content based on that.

For instance if you want to show the content, only for users having a custom field “country” with a value : “USA”  then the content can be made hidden to other users who doesn’t have a custom field called “country” with a value “USA”. This is very helpful when you want to display certain content to the user who already purchased a product from your store, or a user from a specific country, a user from a specific referer, the possibilities are endless and display certain contain which are focussed only on a segmented group of list. 

You can set multiple conditions for custom fields like any other condition. You can invert the condition by using the “Operator” option which has “contains” and “not contains”

“Contains” means the user who has custom field and value associated with that condition. 

“Not Contains” means the user who doesn’t have a custom field and value associated with that condition.