Condition based on roles

Content can be hidden or shown based on the roles of the user who is viewing the page. This works only if the user who is viewing the page is logged in to WordPress using their user credentials or through a social authentication method.

Personify compares the roles of the currently logged in user with whatever roles are set in the condition and displays the content based on that.

For instance if you want to show the content, only for users having particular roles, for eg: “wpouser” role then the content can be made hidden to other users who doesn’t have a “wpouser” role. This is quiet helpful when you have multiple products in your store and have assigned a role based on the products the user purchased or in a membership system where different roles are assigned to users inside the membership system. 

You can set multiple conditions for roles or you can set multiple roles inside a single condition, it can be flexible based on your needs.

You can invert the condition by using the “Operator” option which has “contains” and “not contains”

“Contains” means the user who has any of the assigned roles for that condition

“Not Contains” means the user who doesn’t have none of the assigned roles.