Active Campaign Integration

There are 2 methods to setup to sync Active Campaign and Personify.

1) Import current Active Campaign subscribers into personify

2) Update Contacts in real time as actions take place

This means you can start using Personify with your current Active campaign subscribers right away.

Before we setup both these methods we need to Integrate with Active Campaigns API.

So let’s get started there…

Setting up the API Key…

First click the Personify menu link inside your wordpress admin dashboard.

Next you need to select settings and click on the active campaign toggle as shown in the picture below:

Active Campaign Integration for personalisation

Next you can click the toggle on the right side to make this your default Integration.

Now you need to enter your API URL and API KEY from Active Campaign.

AC integration - personify

To find your API key, login to your Active Campaign account.

Click “settings”, then “developer” as shown below.

You will then see your API URL and API KEY appear.

Paste your API KEY & URL into Personify As shown in the images above.

Make sure you Click “SAVE SETTINGS” .

Okay, Now we can move on to the first method.

Import current Active Campaign subscribers

Depending on How big your list is this may take some time, so, It’s important you don’t leave the page till it’s complete.

Click the “Sync Contacts” Button

Wait for it to complete, you will know when it completes as it shows a success message.

Next Click the “Sync Tags” Button

Wait for it to complete.

Finally Click the “Sync Custom Fields” Button

Wait for it to complete.

Now you have imported all you Active campaign users into Personify It’s time to move on to the second method.

Update Contacts in REAL TIME

This is very important as it allows Active campaign to tell us when a change it made at their end. So if a tag is added via a third party service like a shopping cart or a custom field is updated personify will know and update the contact.

To do this we will use webhooks.

Copy and paste the “WebHook URL” from personify.

We need to paste this into Active campaign.


Head back to Active campaign.

Go to Settings > Developer

This Time we will click the “Manage Webhooks” Link.

Click the “Add Button”

First, give your webhook a name, It can be anything to help you understand what this hook is for.

Next, Paste in the URL you got from Personify into the webhook URL field.

Now you want to select the types of hooks you want to send to personify.

Just check the checkbox next to:

1: Contact added
2: Contact tag added
3: Contact tag removed
4: Contact updated

Finally choose how to initialize your webhook.

Select all the options:
1: By a contact
2: By an admin user
3: By the “API”
4: By system processes

Then click “Add”.

personify and AC webhooks