Personalization template strings

What are Personify template strings:

Personalization template strings allow you to add in values you have collected directly into your site content. This could be their first name, email, business name or any other data you have collected as a custom field.

Personalization with Personify is as simple as adding in a template string.

For example, the following template string will render a users First Name on the page.

{{ firstname }}

Custom Field Template Strings:

You can use Custom fields values to personalize your content from your email marketing platform. 

To do this you just need to type in the exact name of the custom field as it appears in your email marketing platform.

For example, lets say you created a custom field called business name.

Inside your Email marketing platform it may be called “businessname”.

To add the value assigned to the user in your content you would just need to type the short-code like this:

{{ businessname }}

Default Values for template strings:

You can use create a default value for any template strings very easily.

A default value is used when data is not available for a specific field value.

For example, Let’s say someone lands on your site and you have the “firstname template string” in your headline. As this is the first time they have landed on your site you don’t have their first name. So you need a default value to appear instead.

So instead of your headline saying “Welcome Firstname” you can set up a default value to only show if you don’t have their first name. It could say “Welcome to my site” instead.

To do this you simply add in a | after the field name and then type your default text. 

It would look like this:


Welcome {{ firstname|to my site }}

Personify template strings:

First Name:

{{ firstname }}
Welcome {{ firstname|to my site }}

Last Name:

{{ lastname }}


{{ email }}

Custom field:

{{ customfield }}