Creating Smart-Links for use in email campaigns

Smartlinks allow you to push a subscribers name and email into any surveyslam form. When you do this your subscriber will never see the email opt in form in your sequence.

This allows you to create segmentation surveys so you subscribers only have to answer the questions to be tagged and custom fields added to their profile.

Smart links need to be customised depending on what email marketing service you use.

By default a smart link looks like this:
Example URL:{name}&e={email}

To customize the Smart link you must add in the personalization short code from your email marketing service provider.

You will need to find the personalization shortcode your email marketing service provides and insert it into the Smart link URL.

For example
This is the default smart link:{name}&e={email}
You need to change the bold {name} and {email} to the shortcode your email marketing provider uses.

Here is a Example URL for Active Campaign:
Active campaigns Personalisation code uses
%FULLNAME% for the name shortcode
and %EMAIL% as the email shortcode

So the customized SmartLink URL would look like this:

To make it easy to build your smartlinks you can find a example for each survey you create by clicking the “view example” link under the autofill URL title on the right hand side of the edit screen.








This will open a popup with example links for you to modify:






How to use smart links with an embedded survey or a popup?

All you need to do is add the url with the embeded form or popup.

So instead of the default url shown below:

You would use:

It’s that simple…