Form Path allows you to pass a users name and email to another form.

This means they don’t have to type in their name and email on the next form (or even see it at all).

This is great if you want a high converting sign up form on your blog but still want to segment your new leads. You can get the name and email first and then send them to a segmentation survey for further segmentation.

Here is the 4 step guide:

1: go to your signup form in Surveyslam.

2: head to the end results section and select the redirect checkbox

3: Enter the redirect URL (to your segmentation survey)

4: Check the checkbox for the “Pass name and email through redirect”

You are done…


Things you might not know…

1: SurveySlam will not show the “name and email capture form section” of your survey to users that land on the segmentation survey via a form path,Smartlinks or Leadsync.
2: SurveySlam always shows the signup form to admin users. (so they can edit it)