GDPR & The Legal Checkbox widget

To become legally compliant with GDPR we have introduced a number of features.
The legal checkbox feature allows you to ensure people have accepted your terms before proceeding.

It’s really simple to setup…

1: Select the checkbox widget

2: Click on the checkbox in the question builder


3:You will see the answer settings appear below:

From here you can modify the text policy, Add in a url, and apply any tags or custom fields needed.

To hyperlink a URL you need to select the text you want to hyperlink by adding a *asterix* before and after the link.

Then you need to input a link URL into the relevant field.


Once you have done this you will want to append the error message that appears if someone tries to proceed without clicking your checkbox.

To do this go to the Surveyslam settings page:

Here you can modify the error message.

Finally you can delete any data from your members by going to the subscribers tab:

You can search for leads via name and email, and delete all data in one go by selecting all then selecting a bulk action to remove from list.

Here are a few quick tips for changing the style.

By default:

Your checkbox will look like this:

The background color of the checkbox is usually the primary color you select in your color palette.

I have made a few quick options for your to change the style.

All you need to do is take the class name’s I will give you in a few seconds and paste them into the custom css class box and click save…

Its really that simple.

Here is a screenshot: