WordPress Memberships

Made Easy for ThriveCart

Add multiple memberships to each user

Memba allows you to control access to single or multiple membership products, including upsells and downsells. You can add new products without having to modify existing membership levels you have setup.

Send passwords via local smtp or your CRM

As soon as a purchase is made Memba can send a welcome email via your SMTP or local email OR you can send one directly from your CRM like Active Campaign.

Automate removing access on refunds

Memba takes the information from your shopping cart to ensure your members get access to what they pay for. If they refund or cancel you can automate the process of cancelling their membership.

Login Redirects based on membership roles

Based on what membership your customer has purchased you can redirect them to a specific page when they login.



Memba connects to Active Campaign CRM and ThriveCart Shopping cart.