Personalize WordPress

By putting the right offer in the right place.

Customise your campaign flows to adapt your marketing message based on behaviour and data collected on site and via your CRM of choice.

Personalize Sales Pages

Switch up content based on user data or behaviour. Change your headlines, videos, images or testimonials dependant on who the visitor is and what they want.

Optimize Landing Pages

Increase your subscriber rate by creating personalized landing pages that target the precise pain point or benefits your visitor needs.

Add Personality to your Content

Add contacts names into your post or page content with ease. Even add any custom field data you have collected from your crm.

Keep Contact Data Updated

Keep your visitors data in sync with your crm at all time, 100% automated. When something changes, your contact gets updated at your crm and on wordpress.

Increase sales with personalised offers

Create CTA’s that are specific to each user. only show offers that you know users have not purchased yet.

Create Marketing Campaigns that Convert

Send visitors from your paid ad  or even a refferal site and personify knows, it dynamically changes the content to stay relevant to the advert or message they clicked.

In almost every study you can find, personalization has the power to increase conversions across the board.

What is website personalization?

To put it simply...

The goal of website personalization is to create a more relevant website for consumers, thus leading to longer visit duration time, more product views, boosted site visits and, eventually, increased purchases. This in turn results in a higher order value, revenue and conversions.

74% of online consumers experience frustration with websites when content appears that has nothing to do with their interests. 


Personify connects to Drip and Active Campaign CRM’s with more to come soon.

It has deep integrations with Elementor page builder (Free and Paid versions). 

Personalised Campaigns Made Easy.

Stay Relevant, Reduce expenses & increase conversions.

When you combine personalised campaigns and personalised content you can give visitors more of what they want, and less of what they don’t. 

This is the key to creating marketing campaigns that not only convert beyond your wildest expectations but also stay relevant and consistently peak your visitors interest.

Personify allows you to personalise your sales funnel, so your site adjusts depending on who your visitor is or how they react on or off your site using smart behavioural based tracking features unique to personify.

With WpOwner Suite you can personalize any content on your website or even in your email campaigns. This means you can increase open and click through rates of your sales and onboarding emails and conversion rates of your landing and sales pages.

Econsultancy found that 93% of companies experienced a rise in conversion rates after personalizing their search engine marketing

74% of online consumers experience frustration with websites when content appears that has nothing to do with their interests. 

How it works

CRM Tags

Change content based on CRM Tags (Active Campaign/Drip) Customize content based on any tag in your CRM. Finally You can use all that data you have collected to increase conversions on your own website.

User Roles

Customise based on WordPress user roles Dynamically change your content based on any user roles (including custom roles). A great way to Personalize content for your membership sites.

UTM Parameters

Personify any content based on how people get to your site whether they click a post on Facebook or a link in a YouTube video to get to your site, you can make any element specific to the content of the link they clicked. Dynamically changing headlines to increase conversions and testimonials that align with the visitors business type.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields, tailored pages to each individual Who doesn’t like their name on the big screen? Now you can put in any custom fields data you have right on your webpage (Names, business names, locations or anything else you capture).

Query String

Change content based on Query (advanced) Change content based on links to your site with Query strings.

Visit Count

Keep visitors Excited and switch it up. The first time the visitor came to your site they didn’t buy, So why not try switching up the content and try another angle or show another feature or different social proof.

Visit Country

Tailored content based on country, Hide or show content based on the country your visitors are located.

Referral URL

Tailored content based on where they came from Customize content based on entire domain ( or specific pages (

Login Status

Show content based on if user is login in or out Simple way to setup simple memberships lockdowns or sites with a single user role.


Personalize Your Site Add your subscribers or customers names, business names, Struggles, pain points or any data you have collected as a custom field directly onto any page. Add it in the headline, Site body content even your CTA’s and buy buttons.

And/Or Visibility

Combine or Separate Conditions – choose visibility Simple add multiple conditions, then choose if you want to show or hide based on those conditions. You can also select if all conditions must match or just one of the conditions for the personalization to kick in.

Campaign Flow

The entry point for visitors to enter your funnel and how it adapts to suit them as individuals.

You spent the last month developing a kick ass funnel and your ready to start driving traffic right?


Welcome to 2020. Your sales funnel is badass. However, It can be a lot better.

Let’s call your current sales funnel the default funnel. Essentially its what people see if you know nothing about them.

Now is the time campaign Flow is introduced.

The most successful sales funnels ALL have this Dialled in and locked down because it’s what enables you to scale and grow.

It all starts by knowing the source of your traffic and what data you know is 100% true about them.


Did they come from a specific facebook post on your personal timeline or a instagram story?

Maybe they were refereed by an affiliate or came directly from a search engine.

Based on this information, you can tweak your sales message to stay relevant and increase sales & conversions.

74% of online consumers experience frustration with websites when content appears that has nothing to do with their interests. 

Personify strategies to Increase Sales

Personify is built from the ground up to be threaded into your campaigns.

74% of online consumers experience frustration with websites when content appears that has nothing to do with their interests. 

Personalize content for first time visitors

When you write a post on facebook, instagram twitter even redit or anywhere else its usually on a certain subject. Imagine if you could Personalize your landing page specifically for each link/post you put out that links back to your Site… Now you can!

Dynamic changes to pages based on data in your CRM

Change any element widget, section or column based on tags or groups in your CRM. Even Personalize any text element with any custom fields captured in your CRM.
Now you can have your subscribers name appear on your call to actions and even on your buy buttons.

Make your sales Campaigns 100% Relevant

Get your email campaigns to sync perfectly with your landing pages and sales pages. As you likely know relevance is key to conversions. So keeping your headlines relevant to the subject of your emails and paid ads is a sure fire way to instantly boost your ROI.

Give members exactly what they need & want

Customise content based on user roles commonly used by membership platforms. Combine this with other features you can get complete creativity with how and what to show.


Why Personalization

We’ve all seen it.

You land on your favorite site to check out the latest content and what do you see?

The same Adverts you saw last time…

The Email Optin form you already signed up to…

The same promotion that you decided you didn’t want to buy last time, with the exact same offer and angle…

And links to all the blog posts you have already read…

Now imagine this…

What if, Your visitors never saw irrelevant content on your site ever again?

You see, all these things on your site, are distractions from what you want your audience to do.

When you remove them, you create a clear path to the next main goal you need them to take.


For years, Websites have “faked” being relevant…

They would build a customer avatar, and then create all their sales and promotional material around “what they perceived to be” their ideal customer.

However, The TRUTH is…

You have multiple “IDEAL CUSTOMER AVATARS” and each one is slightly different from the last.

The only way you can stay relevant is to give each and every individual  exactly what they want…

To be Relevant you must treat people as if they are real people…

Guess what…

WordPress is already built on a Dynamic framework meaning it changes as it loads content.

What does this mean for you?

It means you can change the content for each and every visitor, lead or customer that lands on your site.

And this is where we apply the secret sauce.

Personalization & Conditional Content

Personalization is best used for grabbing attention.

While conditional logic is what increases sales, conversions and action!

You can use Personify to add in someones first name or business name into your headlines, content and calls to action.


Sounds pretty cool right?


Conditional Content is for increasing conversions by showing specific sales copy and beliefs based on what you know about each visitor, lead or customer.



Personify works based on FACTS, Not assumptions…

This means if you know something about the individual on your site, you can use that to your advantage and create a piece of sales copy that hits the heart strings and makes them think you wrote your entire site about them specifically.

You could have different headlines based on:

What tag they have applied at your CRM.

If they came from a specific UTM campaign.

What User role they have applied.

How many times they visited a page.

Or if they have a certain custom field value.

Kinda Scary, Kinda freakin awesome…


So how does it get me results?

You don’t need to make multiple pages for each subscriber, lead or customer it doesn’t matter if your advert is targeted towards E-Commerce stores or Book Vendors Your sales page will dynamically adjust itself to target them, with the best sales copy you can muster up.


The best thing about using these kind of conditions to display content is you don’t have to be a master of sales copy, because your targeting is so good it makes it a lot easier to sell to each individual that lands on your site.


And if you are a master of sales copy…
Then your sales might just break your shopping cart.


Let me give you a few examples:

1: Tags from a CRM (Active campaign or Drip)

If a visitor has the tag “E-commerce Store” applied to their CRM, We can hide generic content and replace it with sales copy targeted towards E-commerce stores.

So a headline that says
“17 tweaks to instantly increase conversions”
Could be changed to
“17 tweaks to instantly increases sales and conversions for your E-Commerce store”.

Don’t stop at headlines,
You can use this strategy to:
Show testimonials from other E-Commerce customers
Benefits Lists specific to E-Commerce
Images or Video specific to E-Commerce and more…

This is a fast track way to increase your conversions.

Lets look at another example:

2: UTM Parameters

UTM Parameters are for links you put on social networks, paid ads or email campaigns.

Basically you put them on any url that is leading to your site.


It’s just a simple snippet you add to the end of your URLS explaining where your visitor, lead or customer is coming from and what campaign they clicked to get to your site.


With these UTM Parameters you can change content on your site based on how they got to your site.

Let’s say you had a paid advert on facebook or google. You might be split testing a bunch of different headlines across those adverts.


When someone clicks that advert, Personify looks at the UTM parameter and knows exactly what advert they clicked.


This means we can create a condition to show a headline on our sales page or landing page that is relevant to the headline and content we had on the paid advert.


Relevance = Caching


Get Personify Today...


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