Easy hacks to increase conversions

Are you mad that your visitors don't click the call to actions on your site? I was, until I viewed my heat maps and realized exactly what was going wrong and quickly implemented a site wide fix that can help you instantly increase conversions. Read on...

Make Your CTA's click by targeting a single objective at a time to increase lead quality, sales & engagement

Most sites, Forget their objective.

It’s easy to do, especially with all the shiny tools on the market.

Have you ever landed on a site, Let’s say a blog post.

  • You see adverts in the side bar
  • Optin forms before you have a chance to read the content
  • Links to social profiles
  • The list goes on…

Have you ever heard the term “Less is more”?

When you write a blog post or create a page it has an objective…

Content Stripping is the process of removing distractions so you increase conversions on the main objective for that particular post or page.

Content stripping has 2 main phases.

1: Stripping global site wide content

2: Stripping Core post or page content

3: Finding how to slot objectives into your funnel

How to Strip Global Site wide Content

Now this might pluck your frustration strings but…

I want you to get results…

You know that sidebar you use on every page of your site?

Get rid of it…

You know that site wide popup you use?

Make it disappear…

Social share actions at the top of a post…

Say bye to them too…


ALEX- “How am I meant to get people to take action on my site if you are telling me to remove all my call to actions”.

Take a breathe…

We are not removing your Call To Actions.

We are making them stronger by making them pop.

You heard of banner blindness? 

When there are so many ads people are programmed to ignore them…

Well the same thing happens to your call to actions.

This is where offer positioning comes in.

I will talk about that in another post, before we get to that we need to strip the content.

The reason we are doing this is because we want every single post or page on our site to have one single objective.

Then we can put all our copy-writing skill, ux design  and conversion techniques into that one singular goal.

By doing this we are not allowing our reader to get confused or lost as there is only one path to the destination we want them to go.

Their only choice should be if they take it or not…

P.s you remember that scrolling header you have that follow your visitors down the page?

Get rid of it. 

Your making it to easy for people to leave your page.

Once you have worked on all these areas it’s time to look at every single post or page you create and make sure they are optimized to go from A to B.

A = Landing on the page

B = Taking action on what you want them to do

As you scroll down your page, if there is something that could lead them away from your objective then remove it…

How to Strip post or page Content

Remember the goal of stripping content is to streamline the process of them getting from A to B.

Even with Conditional Content you can’t always please everyone, But What you definitely don’t want to do is confuse people.

So the first step is to evaluate your Primary goal or objective.


Let me give you a popular example of a common mistake, and then show you how to fix it…

Let’s say “Bob” creates a post to promote a Web Hosting provider with the objective of earning affiliate commissions from that Web hosting provider.

A common mistake is to promote alternatives OR even worse promote products you have not used yourself. This is going to make people question how much they trust your advice, after all it’s pretty easy to see what services and plugins a particular website uses nowadays with tools like Builtwith.com.

If you look at a lot of wordpress blogs, they promote a bunch of different wordpress hosts and just mention the advantages to why they are all good services… & guess what…


People ain’t Stupid.

The second you start putting down alternatives in your post is the second, people have to make another choice.

Do I need this one or that one

There should only be One choice they have to make, Do I Buy this or not.

Now instead of Content Stripping, and stripping out the alternatives there is another strategy you can use.

It’s called “Content Shifting”.

Instead of mentioning alternatives (with your affiliate link applied to them), You come at it with a different angle.

Why your main recommendation is better than the alternative. This way you can still mention other options and include your affiliate link but you are backing up why you don’t recommend them. Pretty much like a comparison table.

Personally, We rarely do this.

We just promote and recommend the services we actually use because we don’t want to confuse people and also we don’t have the time to waste on people asking us about services we don’t know anything about.

However, if someone asks us about a service we do use, Then we have everything ready to be able to give a real and accurate answer to reassure them.

Ok, Back to content stripping.

When someone lands on your page, your objective is to get them to take action.

Everything between them landing on your page and them taking action should be relevant to pushing them closer to wanting to take action on your objective.

Your objective can be anything.

  • Click an affiliate link
  • Purchase your product
  • Sign up to your mailing list
  • Follow you on social networks or share your content
  • Read another article that will help them get results
  • Learn more about a particular product or service
  • Take an action that allows you to retarget them
  • Leave you a testimonial
  • Leave you a comment
  • Or anything else you think you need.

Just make sure, You only have one objective.

Quick example:

If you want them to click an affiliate link then:

  • There should be no optin forms
  • No advertisements for other products
  • No links that lead to other posts (at least nothing above the core content)
  • No mention of other subjects that distract them from the main objective unless vital

To take this method to the next level.

We strongly advise using a layout without a sidebar.

Sidebars are a great way to distract people from your objective unless your sidebar happens to be optimized to get people to take action on your objective.


Content stripping is a way to simplify your customer journey. Make them think less and give them less choice in an ethical way. One thing to bear in mind, your content needs to be real good! Most people should get value or walk away feeling like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

Offer Positioning

The way you position your offers and call to actions can make or break your site…

If you have too many then people become blind to them, confused and end up clicking nothing…

Have to few, or put them in the wrong place, and people skip right past them…

So how do you get it right, is there a magic formula?

Of course not, it’s actually a lot more simple…

But there is a formula… (I’m about to show it to you)

Your offer has to appear the moment someone decides “I want this”.

Especially if you’re affiliate marketing as it’s usually the last click that gets the commission.

Obviously everyone decides when they want something at different times.

This is why offer positioning is so important.

You need to have your offer present but not forced at these potential moments when a visitor,lead or subscriber ventures across your site..

So how do you know when someone is ready to take action.

You can’t read their mind and know when they think “I want this”.

Some visitors buy right away just because they like you, and you recommend it.

Others want a little validation over why they should get it.

And then there are the ones who study an offer for days or weeks before they invest.

Some of these visitors will act on your Call to action right away on your site.

While others you may need to have another solution setup to follow up with them like re-targeting ads or email campaigns.

 (however, that’s a subject for another time).

Today we are focusing on how to get people to take action on your site.

If you went through and stripped your site content then you have already removed all the clutter from your posts and pages.

Now it’s time to position your offers or Call to actions.

Remember this is going to be the sole call to action on your page (although you may still choose to have comments and share buttons depending on your audience). 


Remember we talked about the three main types of visitors:

1: ready to act

2: need proof

3: need in depth evidence it’s the best choice

Ideally you want to cater to all these people.

However, There is some cross over that can backfire when trying to target all three visitors types.

For example: 

If you have a call to action at the top of your post for those that are ready to act, then those people will likely click it and buy, Great right?

Maybe not…

The visitors that “need proof” or “need in depth advice” might click that link and miss all the evidence and proof that was created specifically for them, They might even miss specific CTA’s like sign up forms to learn more so you can follow up with them. 

Essentially split testing is needed to find out what works for your audience.

However, I’m going to tell you what I like to do as a formula you can play with.

I don’t place a call to action for those ready to act, I let them scroll down to the first CTA on the page. They already decided they want to buy and it’s unlikely they will be put off by scrolling a little. If anything it will reinforce their choice to ACT.

So now the first call to action is targeting both those that need proof and those that are ready to act. I make this first call to action subtle. Maybe just a text hyperlink within the content.

I may add more subtle CTA’s if it’s a long post.

As they read through the content the call to actions become stronger and push a little harder.

Finally you have the hard visitors that are not ready to take action, This means you need a strong incentive as the last Call to action. 

They didn’t click the links to the offer or whatever your call to action was so you need to change it up…

It really depends on what your call to action was.

If your call to action was an affiliate link, then you might switch it up and have an optin form that offers them a more detailed breakdown or something of value very relevant to the subject you are talking about. 

This would allow you to follow up with them via both re-targeting and email campaigns.

Final Words:

You need to split test to find what works best with your audience. You really should be tracking everything possible to determine the best course of action. you may need to change to a different theme or page builder to get more control over your site so you can position you offers more effectively. 


What Do you think of this strategy? Anything you want to share with the community that has helped increase your conversions?

Let us know and leave a comment below!


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